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Dayton Chiropractor

Our Dayton chiropractors have a reputation for the distinctive service it gives to all its chiropractic patients. Through natural and non-invasive methods, the Dayton chiropractor has effectively helped residents of the community get rid of pain, while helping them to promote healthy living. That is why our Dayton chiropractors have become a family care providers in the area.

The system is founded on a detailed assessment of pain and dysfunction. After a tremendous amount of research, the Dayton chiropractors have come up with the best chiropractic techniques for each patient's special needs. Every Dayton chiropractor also takes pride in diagnostic accuracy, and takes your health seriously!

It is the goal of the Dayton chiropractors to help each patient regain a pain-free life with the help of chiropractic care. Our Dayton chiropractor hopes to help you maintain long-term wellness as a result of eliminating painful symptoms. For this reason, the Dayton chiropractors also aim to build a chiropractic treatment regimen that will help you achieve maximum wellness. At each clinic, you can expect the latest techniques and leading innovations, including nutritional counseling and guidance from the Dayton chiropractor.

The Dayton chiropractor knows very well that each patient is different, and we make sure to devise treatment plans that are specific to each eprson. Whether it's information about chiropractic you need, or you want an appointment with one of the Dayton chiropractors you can call us and we will gladly answer. Pick up that phone if you need help. The Dayton chiropractor at your service!

Welcome From Dr. Allen Moore
Dr. Allen Moore

We have made pain relief easy by offering you a FREE 1ST VISIT including consultation, spinal examination and x-rays (if indicated). Your life can be greatly improved. At Moore Chiropractic Family Wellness Clinic, we have helped thousands of patients get out of pain and enjoy life again. ...

The History and Development of Chiropractic: The Foundation for the Schooling of Chiropractic Practitioners
The history of chiropractic care can be traced a very far back. Greek and Chinese writings, going back to 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., noted spinal adjustments and the treatment of lower extremities to...
Things that Possibly Bring About Neck Discomfort and Chiropractic Remedies that Can Ease Discomfort
The neck starts at the base of the skull. Your cervical spine (the neck) has seven vertebrae. Considering your head weighs quite a few pounds, your neck's responsibility of holding it up is a feat....
Diagnosing Subluxations in the Spine in Addition to Being Aware Of Relief Remedies
According to chiropractic terminology, a "subluxation" is a dislocation of the vertebrae that hinders function. The dislocation shows your chiropractic doctor where to perform the spinal...
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